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"Caring for Children" is an offering of solidarity to you as you give your love, mental energy and physical stamina to children, be they your own or the kids in your classroom.  

Parenting is the most challenging thing I have done.  So early on I realized that it is an amazing opportunity to open up to Life and grow spiritually. When we care for our dearlings with a commitment to show up consciously, we send ripples into the future that create a better world, one of compassion and joy.  

Ah, but it's not
 easy, is it!  

I pull from the latest health/nuero-science information and spiritual insights, then run that through my real-life experience blender. The mix produces ideas of how to we can make our experience with children smoother so that we can be our genuine selves with them.  You'll hear me suggest how you give can yourself the care and "slack" we all need to thrive when our focus is so keenly turned on the kids.  

You will also receive carefully selected resources and tips to support your family's health - always short, relevant and sweet.  

I write when the inspiration hits me so I won't fill your inbox. 

Looking forward to exploring with you the ways of being present for our children and for 
ourselves as we create a global community of conscious care-giving.

Dr. Tamara Brennan, poet, Mom, psychologist, peace-maker
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